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Welcome To Perzsi Used Vehicle Rental

Rent for Ridesharing, Delivery & Personal Errand vehicle services with us

All Perzsi Rental vehicles need to have full insurance maintained on the vehicles while in customer’s possession or Full 3rd Party Rental's Insurance. Speak to our rental agent for inclusions and exclusions.
Our Services

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To provide simple and hassle free access to used quality vehicles, with flexible and defined terms. Our rentals are at the heart of our business. We are family-owned and operated vehicle rental.

How Rental Process Works
Step One

Account Registration: You need to register a rentals account, once rental account has been registered, and then you can shop for vehicle availability.

Step Three

Approval Process: Once your vehicle has been booked, your approval process will commence. Perzsi have the right to either approve or reject your bookings.

Step Two

Access to Vehicles: From your rentals portal, you can now search for available vehicles and book a vehicle of your choice.

Why Perzsi Vehicle Rental

Our rental/short lease packages come with 200 - 400 miles per day included and allows for customizable terms! Enjoy your ride! Speak to our agent for further terms.

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64% believe

64% believe

64% believe

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